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Vital Voice - 1 Day (Condensed)

Course dates:
No further dates have yet been confirmed for this course.

1st floor, 4 Paddington Street, London, W1U 5QE ( Baker St. Tube)

Course fees:    
£150 per person
Fees inclusive of refreshments (excludes lunch)

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Further Information

Suitable for SLTs:
  • with a background knowledge of voice disorders and assessment
  • wishing to develop / gain additional voice skills
  • in mixed therapy posts
  • transferring/rotating into a voice post
  • in Community posts
Course Content
Overview of:
  • Voice disorders and their presentations
  • Summary of perceptual and objective assessment
Therapy techniques and training
  • essential exercises applicable to a variety of voice disorders
  • Experiential learning / training for SLTs in the following:
  • breath and voice release
  • Semi occluded vocal tract
  • Resonance balance
  • Onset of the note
  • Task progression
  • Successful generalisation
  • Therapy outcomes