Voice Effects of Adam’s Apple Reduction Surgery

In this video, we discuss the tracheal shave procedure, also known as Adam’s apple reduction or thyroid chondroplasty. This procedure is commonly sought by trans females with a prominent Adam’s apple. We delve into the importance of having the surgery done carefully by specialists, the potential impact on vocal cords, and the necessary follow-up if voice changes occur. Learn how to monitor your voice post-surgery and when to seek professional help to ensure the best outcome.

00:00 Introduction to Tracheal Shave
00:20 Who Seeks Tracheal Shave and Why
00:32 Choosing the Right Surgeon
00:50 Surgical Considerations and Risks
01:28 Voice Changes Post-Surgery
01:49 When to Seek Medical Advice
02:07 Therapy and Surgical Assistance
03:00 Monitoring Your Voice Post-Surgery
03:43 Conclusion and Final Thoughts
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Age and Voice: What to Expect

In this video, we explore how ageing affects the voice, including pitch and vocal quality changes. Learn how men’s and women’s voices evolve differently, and discover tips on maintaining voice strength and range through exercises. Whether you’re a singer or speaker, understanding these changes can help you appreciate and adapt to your voice as it matures.

00:00 Introduction to Age-Related Voice Changes
00:16 Pitch Changes in Male Voices
01:02 Impact of Vocal Training and Usage
01:26 Pitch Changes in Female Voices
02:52 Breath Support and Vocal Exercises
03:33 Embracing the Changes in Your Voice
03:51 Conclusion and Call to Action

The Importance of Addressing a Prolonged Hoarse Voice

In this video I emphasise the importance of not ignoring a hoarse voice that persists for more than a couple of weeks.

I outline the common causes of hoarseness and highlight the necessity of seeing an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (ENT) for a proper diagnosis. I’ll also explain the diagnostic process, potential treatments as well as stresee the importance of early intervention for any prolonged hoarseness.

00:00 Understanding Prolonged Hoarseness
00:38 The Importance of Seeing a Specialist
01:03 Common Conditions Affecting the Voice
01:56 The Serious Side of Hoarseness
02:45 Diagnostic Procedures and Treatments
04:05 The Critical Role of Early Diagnosis and Treatment
04:42 Final Thoughts and Call to Action