Achieving a Gender Neutral Voice: Guide and Insights

This video discusses the possibility of achieving a gender neutral or gender fluid voice through voice therapy, targeting those who identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming, or gender fluid.

I break down the voice therapy process, and explain why it is important for it to be a client led approach. I also provide a guideline as to how long your might expect your voice journey toward a gender neutral voice to take.

00:00 Introduction to Gender Neutral Voice
00:15 Understanding the Crossover Point in Voices
00:47 The Process of Achieving a Gender Neutral Voice
01:32 Client-led Voice Therapy
01:58 The Advantages of a Gender Neutral Voice
02:11 The Duration of Voice Therapy Sessions
02:48 Exploring Individual Voice Preferences
03:08 The Journey of Voice Exploration
03:41 Seeking Professional Guidance for Voice Therapy
04:07 Conclusion and Call to Action

Understanding and Treating Vocal Cord Paralysis

This video provides an in-depth look at vocal cord paralysis. Christella explains the impact that vocal fold paralysis can have on the voice as well as the treatment options that may be available.

This video also covers the causes of vocal cord paralysis, including idiopathic cases and those related to viral infections.

00:00 Introduction to Vocal Cord Paralysis
00:13 Causes of Vocal Cord Paralysis
01:08 Effects of Vocal Cord Paralysis on Voice and Speech
01:15 Therapeutic Approaches to Vocal Cord Paralysis
01:34 Surgical Solutions for Vocal Cord Paralysis
03:52 Impact of Vocal Cord Paralysis on Swallowing
05:29 Conclusion: Hope and Recovery from Vocal Cord Paralysis

Understanding Voice Masculinisation for Trans Masculine Men

In this video Christella Antoni covers the topic of voice masculinisation, specifically for trans masculine men, detailing various categories of individuals who seek voice therapy. She discusses how the need for therapy has become more balanced between trans men and trans women, as well as the different motivations to seek therapy.

The aim of the video is to educate and assure that help is available to those in the transmasculine population who are navigating changes in their voice as part of their transition.

00:00 Introduction to Voice Masculinisation
00:41 The Role of Hormones in Voice Transition
01:25 Different Groups Seeking Voice Therapy
01:56 The Importance of Healthy Voice Transition
02:40 Assertiveness and Voice Use
02:51 The Growing Demand for Transmasculine Voice Therapy
03:02 Challenges in Achieving Voice Goals
03:22 Impact on Singing Voice and Seeking Therapy
03:46 Conclusion and Call to Action

Unlocking a Deeper Voice: A Journey of Pitch Lowering

In this video, Christella discusses the concept of voice pitch lowering, a common issue that people face due to conditions like puberphonia, dissatisfaction with their natural voice pitch or self-consciousness about their voice.

Offered as part of voice therapy, the reduction in voice pitch can be a source of great relief and satisfaction for many individuals, including those who have no desire to change their gender identity.

This video also points to the potential benefits, emotional impact, and therapy process associated with pitch lowering.

00:00 Introduction to Pitch Lowering
00:33 Understanding the Complexity of Voice Issues
01:23 The Process of Voice Lowering
01:59 Voice Lowering in Different Contexts
02:44 The Impact of High Pitched Voices
03:26 Voice Lowering Beyond the Trans Population
04:05 The Social Impact of Voice Consciousness
04:47 Conclusion and Call to Action

The Art of Being Heard: Exploring Volume with Christella Antoni

Christella Antoni discusses the importance of having a loud voice and how it can help in various aspects of life, such as communication, confidence, and professional settings.

Dive deep into the importance of voice volume and how it goes hand in hand with boosting one’s confidence. This video explores why many individuals struggle with projecting their voices, how it potentially impacts their self-esteem and even daily activities. It also introduces the therapeutic procedures involved in enhancing voice volume, from releasing tension and rebuilding stamina to the more advanced projection and pitch variation techniques. Learn how proper volume control can be life-saving, essential in various professions, and can affect the overall impression one makes, especially in a noisy environment. Whether you’re perceived as a quiet individual or dealing with physical vocal limitations, this video encourages you to seek proper guidance and assures that there’s usually a lot that can be done to help.

00:00 Introduction to Voice Volume and Its Importance
01:50 Why Voice Volume Can Be Crucial
02:26 Voice Volume in Professional Settings
03:38 The Process of Increasing Voice Volume
03:43 Challenges and Limitations in Increasing Voice Volume
07:20 Strategies for Those with Limited Voice Volume
07:48 Overcoming Doubts and Building Confidence in Voice Projection
08:19 Practical Applications of Increased Voice Volume
09:16 Conclusion: The Impact of Voice Volume on Confidence

How to Overcome Your Fears Around Feminising Your Voice

Embarking on the transformative journey of voice feminization therapy can evoke a mix of excitement and trepidation. In this video, we delve into the common doubts individuals often face during this process and shed light on why these concerns are not only normal but also manageable.

Explore real voice samples at to see the Antoni Method in action.