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Working with Transgender Voice & Communication

A Comprehensive Online Training Course for Speech & Language Therapists/Pathologists


  • SLT/P voice clinicians who wish to gain clinical competency in the field of transgender and gender diverse voice & communication
  • Voice clinician SLT/P’s who wish to extend knowledge, ability, skills & their therapy techniques
  • SLT/P assistants working in transgender and gender diverse services/clinics
  • Students with a keen interest in transgender voice and communication.
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Vital Voice

A Livestreamed Online Training Course for Speech & Language Therapists/Pathologists


  • SLTS interested in gaining voice skill
  • SLTs in mixed posts
  • SLTs in community settings
  • SLTs wishing to start or refresh or develop their voice skills
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Feedback From Previous Courses

What others have said after attending ‘Working with Transgender Voice’ courses run by Christella Antoni

“Great to have structure of program for input to clients.”
“Thank you for a really informative and enjoyable ‘ Introduction to Voice “course. It has fuelled my desire to work in this area and has given me a lot to think about.” R.G, 18th September 2016
“Thank you – before the course I felt I was doing a reasonable job getting people started but getting ‘stuck’ moving people on / hitting barriers to progress. I now feel I can problem solve around this.”
“Thanks so much Christella for a fantastic course”M.R, SLT, Cornwall
“Thanks a million Christella. The Transgender voice course was amazing and increased my confidence and motivation in all my clinical areas 100 fold. You are an inspirational teacher and coach and I have been singing your praises to everyone."E.C, 23rd September 2016
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learnt a huge amount. I am even more keen now to work with this client group.”
“The best course I have ever been on. Thank you so much for running this course. I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed every day.”S.H, SLT Bristol
“An excellent course, cannot express this enough. I’m impressed and thankful.”
“Many thanks for some great useful ideas for refining my work and for new additions too.”M.S, 22nd September 2016
“Thank you for such a wonderful course, very inspiring.”
“This is the best training course I have ever attended. I have learnt so much – thank you.”
“Inspired”! I’ve just seen a new TG client and I felt much more confident….”S.B, SLT, Bristol
“It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all during this fabulous course delivered so expertly by Christella. …Christella you have completely re-ignited me in a new phase of my career. I am so excited and just can’t wait to get going. I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting you and attending your brilliantly presented course. I would also like to thank all who contributed to the course including professionals and having the privilege of meeting your wonderful clients. Thank you…”M.D, Senior SLT, Devon