Working with Transgender Voice & Communication

A Comprehensive Online Training Course for Speech & Language Therapists/Pathologists

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About this course

This course is based on the live ‘Working with Transgender Voice’ course devised and run by Senior Voice Specialist Christella Antoni, SLT since 2002. The courses have been attended by over 300 clinicians from all over the U.K, Belgium, and as far afield as Canada. Feedback gathered after every course since its inception consistently rates the course as "excellent" by 99% attendees.

The Working with Transgender Voice course is frequently updated and revised. This online version has been expanded to further enhance the clinician’s knowledge, skills and awareness. In each presentation, Christella shares insights and specialist guidance based on her 24 years of clinical practice.

This course is suitable for:

  • SLT/P voice clinicians who wish to gain clinical competency in the field of transgender and gender diverse voice & communication
  • Voice clinician SLT/P’s who wish to extend knowledge, ability, skills & their therapy techniques
  • SLT/P assistants working in transgender and gender diverse services/clinics
  • Students with a keen interest in transgender voice and communication.

60 Day Access: £395

This course is available to complete for 60 full days from the date of purchase.

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Course Content

The course provides an informational, cultural and clinical foundation for clinicians wishing to gain competency and confidence to practice in the field of transgender and gender diverse voice and communication.

Initial presentations focus on aspects such as the gender spectrum, diagnosis, terminology and medical aspects of treatment. Within the broader goal of promoting a wide range of gender acceptable voices, the course provides specific training in:

  • Initial voice assessment guidance and resources
  • A structured treatment model
  • Downloadable therapy resources
  • Practical exercises including exercise demonstrations by Christella Antoni
  • Experiential learning/practice opportunities for SLTs during the course
  • Guidance to progress clients beyond initial stage exercises
  • Generalisation of voice exercises according to clients’ individual goals
  • Key Learning Points at the end of each presentation
  • References at the end of each presentation
  • Support reading: World Professional Association for Transgender Health SLT Companion document: Voice & Communication Change for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals: Giving Voice to the Person Inside’ (Davies, Papp & Antoni).

Accessibility of Information

Rather than clinicians needing to search presentations for notes, guidance and exercises, each presentation is summarised in a downloadable ‘Key Learning Points’ page for easy practical reference and learning. Key therapy exercises and sample practice texts are also provided as downloadable resources at the end of each presentation which can be used directly with clients.


Course Availability & Learning Structure

Once purchased, the course is available for 60 days to view and work through at your own pace and convenience. Each presentation follows a specific order to ensure the cultural competency and relevant background information has been covered prior to progressing onto the direct clinical competency voice and communication aspects and exercises.

Additional Information

Steadily, the rate of clinicians seeking specialist training in transgender voice has been increasing. The aim of this online version is to make a highly specialist training easily accessible to all clinicians interested in working with transgender and gender diverse voice. Gathering experience, opportunities and confidence to practice in this field can be challenging for so many clinicians. Over the years, Christella has been contacted hundreds of times by clinicians seeking help, advice and clinical supervision in voice. Responding to clinician and student enquiries as well as running training courses continues to form a significant part of her clinical work. She has directly trained lead clinicians in two of the U.K’s National Health Service Gender Identity Clinics as well as providing direct specialist training to voice clinician associates working within her private practice.

“One of my longstanding clinical intentions has always been to share clinical skills and knowledge to enable more treating clinicians; it is only in this way that we can make a wider reaching impact on the voice and communication needs of the trans community.”

Antoni Method training courses are devised to support the clinician’s learning with a clear training structure so that both clinical competence and confidence develop securely, ensuring clinicians feel equipped to practice. This comprehensive course will educate, encourage and empower all clinicians seeking training and advanced learning in the specialist field of transgender and gender diverse voice and communication.

60 Day Access: £395

This course is available to complete for 60 full days from the date of purchase.

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