Lower cost therapy options/ voice feminisation

We recognise that private, specialist voice services can be difficult to access. they can be even harder to access in the NHS;

  1. Due to long waiting times for initial psych assessment (required to access NHS speech therapy for trans voice).
  2. The currently longer waits for trans voice therapy.

Christella Antoni & Associates is a private, highly specialised service. Our core voice feminisation programme has 12 sessions. The client may have the sessions with the clinician in person or online. Please see here for fees and clinician profiles. However, we aim to make our specialist voice services as accessible as possible for those who may require them, by offering the following lower cost options.

Lowest cost option: Christella VoiceUp app

This is available to purchase and download for both iOS or Android devices. It has 3 stages (total cost (£59.97) and is a condensed form of The Antoni Method Core voice fem programme. The exercises are demonstrated by Christella and there is a free ‘Analyse your voice’ section which helps you track your progress. Working solely with the app is suitable for clients who are good at working by themselves and do some self- led practice.

App + 4 sessions of therapy. £540.00 (including app purchase).

In his programme, the client has an initial session with the clinician before working with stage 1 of the app. The remainder of the sessions with the clinician follow, with the client working through the remaining two stages of the app in between sessions . Session 4 continues with exercises and a review of progress.

App + 6 sessions of therapy. £750.00 (including app purchase).

This programme the same pattern as the programme above with two additional sessions with the clinician.

Sessions with a developing specialist clinician.

One to one live sessions with a clinician (online only). The full core voice fem programme (12 sessions) available at 25% discount per session. All developing specialists are trained in Christella’s voice fem method before they start seeing clients.