Christella Antoni

Consultant Speech & Language Therapist

I am a consultant Speech & Language Therapist working with a wide variety of adult speech and communication disorders. I am an expert level practitioner in the specialist field of Voice and work with both professional and non-professional voice users who may be experiencing difficulties with either their speaking or singing voices. In addition, I specialise in voice modification techniques and therapy and can work with those who need to develop their voices e.g. to project more powerfully or to sound more confident.

My method of working Involves targeting the specific therapy required for each client, allowing for the most efficient and successful voice outcomes for the client. I have been fortunate to hear and work with hundreds of clients. It is a privilege for me to help individuals improve and develop their voices and to help them reach their true potential.

My voice modification work extends to the field of Transgender Voice where I have many years experience as the leading UK clinician in this field. My extensive knowledge in this highly specialised area of work and close links with other relevant clinicians in the field allows me to guide clients appropriately according to their own personal needs and circumstances.