Sophie Cooper

Associate Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Sophie Cooper obtained her MSc qualification in speech and language therapy in 2016 after studying Russian at Oxford University. Since qualification she has worked with both adults and children in a variety of settings including schools, clinics and hospital. Sophie has experience in the following areas:

Speech and sound difficulties
Voice disorders
Voice modification
Pitch modification
Communication difficulties
Swallowing difficulties
Accent modification
Parkinson’s disease
Sophie has worked extensively delivering LSVTⓇ (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) an effective speech treatment for people with Parkinson’s disease. She is trilingual and speaks English, French and Russian. She formerly worked as a journalist, and plays and teaches piano.

Sophie has attended the Antoni Method courses; Vital Voice and Working with Transgender Voice. In addition she has undergone a four month observation period prior to receiving specialist post-graduate training in voice work directly with Christella. As a member of Christella’s selected team Sophie is trained to deliver Christella’s voice modification programs and receives regular supervision from Christella.