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Introductory Video - Featuring 3 Client Voice Samples

Additional Voice Samples

Client 'C' - Voice at Initial Assessment

Client 'C' - Voice during Session 8

Client 'E' - Voice at Initial Assessment

Client 'E' - Voice During Appointment 2

Client 'M' - Voice at Initial Assessment

Client 'M' - Voice During Appointment 11

Client 'S' - Voice at Initial Assessment

Client 'S' - Voice During Appointment 8

Client 'T' - Voice at Initial Assessment

Client 'T' - Voice During Appointment 5

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My voice is the most important tool in my job. I remember being terrified by the prospect of giving hour-long lectures to hundreds of university students with my old voice - it just didn’t fit. I’d never had any speech therapy before, but with a little bit of research I realised that to achieve my goal of an assertive, warm feminine voice I had to seek professional help (youtube wasn’t going to cut it!). So, I approached Christella for one-on-one sessions and I can now honestly say that it was the right decision. Not only is she super experienced, skilled and kind, she embraces a holistic perspective to voice feminisation by considering all the other important factors that affect voice, speech and confidence. It was only about half-way through her program that I completely stopped being misgendered and, having come to the end of therapy, I am now 100% confidence in my voice. It sounds and feels natural, stable and is easy to produce. Christella’s expertise has made such a positive impact on my life that I can’t thank her enough! I would highly recommend her services particularly for anyone looking for a strong, versatile, natural sounding voice. Thank you!Danni - 2018
“Having never had any form of voice training, I'd only ever used videos off YouTube, and so visiting Christella was the best thing I could have done. She made me feel very relaxed and measured the of my voice to get an idea of where I was on the register, which then allowed us to track my progress as time progressed. I found the exercises and home work she gave me worked perfectly to help me understand how a female voice should sound. I worked hard and I'm happy with what I learnt, nobody every misgenders my voice and I have complete confidence when I speak - I couldn't have done it without Christella's help."C.M.
“Just sitting here on a balcony in a restaurant… Feeling very contented. ..I am just reflecting on my recent journey of which my voice is a central part. I feel I owe you a lot for your skill and experience and just want to thank you for helping me find my true voice. To be treated and to be read as a woman is indescribable. Your work is amazing. “E.K. 19.09.16
“Thank you for all the help, support and time you have given me, plus your patience of course! I find it hard to convey how much confidence our sessions have given me and countinue to do so. Apart from the learning, I did so enjoy talking to you.”Ms D.W

"Christella VoiceUp" App

I developed the VoiceUp app with SpeechTools Ltd to help all  individuals wishing to access specialist, mobile   voice Ferminisation exercises. The app corresponds to my method of voice feminisation and the stages of voice transition  . It contains clearly explained and demonstrated exercises and assessment and recording features to help you track your voice progress.

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