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This voice feminisation app empowers trans women worldwide to start to change their voice immediately with guidance from a world leading voice expert. Therapy delivered by UK’s leading speech and language therapist in transgender voice Christella Antoni.

3 courses, each containing 5 lessons provide over 2 hours of therapy in total. Each lesson is designed to teach you how to modify your voice in the areas of resonance, pitch, intonation and vowel length.

Speechtools voice analysis algorithms are included to enable you to monitor the progress of your vocal change.

Bite-sized lessons spread over 
3 courses to unlock your voice

  • Free Sample Lesson

    Each stage has a a sample lesson to try.

  • Complete course in 3 stages

    3 stages are available as in app purchases to help you through your transition at the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Christella Antoni

    Each exercise is modelled by Christella and then time is given afterwards to repeat the words, phrases or sentence yourself.

  • Track your progress

    You can also track the progress of your voice with the free pitch analysis feature which will show how your voice develops over time.

Stage 1

The beginners stage provides trans women with the essential speech and voice techniques to begin successful voice modification.

Stage 2

The intermediate stage provides people with exercises that increase in length and complexity to help sustain their feminine voice for longer.

Stage 3

The advanced level helps people increase their vocal stamina to sustain their voice in longer exercises and in conversational speech.

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