The Antoni Method of voice feminisation has successfully assisted thousands of individuals to feminise their voice.  It was first developed in 1999 by Christella Antoni and has been continually refined over the last 20 years of her clinical practice.

Breaking away from some of the earlier traditional approaches to voice feminisation which targeted increasing voice softening with breathy voice quality and reduced volume, the Antoni Method focuses instead on developing a feminised voice which can be sustained over time, be projected when necessary, without vocal fatigue.

Christella’s technique focuses more directly on modifying aspects of voice and speech based on vocal tract physiology. This increases the likelihood of developing vocal consistency and stamina.  The modelling provided before each exercise helps to develop the clients’ understanding and confidence, using a series of personally developed and modified exercises which gradually increase in length and complexity. Each carefully crafted lesson covers essential aspects of voice feminisation. The voice training tasks, together with the guidance and support Christella offers aims to ensure effective carryover of the training voice into the client’s habitual voice. Social and vocal goals vary from individual to individual. The three stages of voice change which form The Antoni Method can correlate with each client’s own gender identity, from gender fluid to full female social transition assisting the client to feel socially comfortable however they identify.

Stage 1

Voice and speech aspects targeted include resonance, diction, pitch, and intonation.  This stage also introduces Christella’s unique tone modification work which begins to enhances female voice presentation.

Stage 2

Essential tasks aim to develop the client’s ability, vocal stamina and consistency. Progressing from the practice voice to the developing conversational voice ability is also a focus of the exercises in stage 2.

Stage 3

Stage three incorporates the more advanced level of vocal training such as using louder volume, the telephone and increased ability with consistent conversational voice. Common concerns such as how to feminizing cough, laugh and sneeze are also covered.

The Antoni Method of voice feminisation has been devised to offer a comprehensive and supportive model of voice change for all individuals who wish to achieve a feminine or more feminised voice.

I just wanted to say that I was talking on the phone with a lady yesterday.  We had a very interesting & wide ranging conversation, but the upshot was that my voice sounded feminine to her - over the phone too! It matched the gender she had in her records! SO happy about that! Over the moon, in fact!