Achieving a Gender Neutral Voice: Guide and Insights

This video discusses the possibility of achieving a gender neutral or gender fluid voice through voice therapy, targeting those who identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming, or gender fluid.

I break down the voice therapy process, and explain why it is important for it to be a client led approach. I also provide a guideline as to how long your might expect your voice journey toward a gender neutral voice to take.

00:00 Introduction to Gender Neutral Voice
00:15 Understanding the Crossover Point in Voices
00:47 The Process of Achieving a Gender Neutral Voice
01:32 Client-led Voice Therapy
01:58 The Advantages of a Gender Neutral Voice
02:11 The Duration of Voice Therapy Sessions
02:48 Exploring Individual Voice Preferences
03:08 The Journey of Voice Exploration
03:41 Seeking Professional Guidance for Voice Therapy
04:07 Conclusion and Call to Action