Unlock Your Voice: Restarting the Engine of Speech!

In this video I give a comprehensive explanation of voice loss and techniques used by therapists as well as present some valuable information that I hope will provide reassurance for those going through a period of voice loss.

Understanding & Recovering from Voice Loss: Guidance, Tips, and Techniques

In this video I dive into the topic of voice loss, explaining why it happens, its impact on people, and the recovery process. I reveal the various causes of voice loss and also provide reassurance that voice loss can be overcome with the guidance of a skilled speech and language therapist.

This video also provides insight into the processes of voice loss and recovery, underlining the varying timeframes involved.

00:00 Introduction to Voice Loss
00:20 Understanding Laryngitis
01:25 Other Medical Causes of Voice Loss
01:55 The Impact of Trauma on Voice Loss
02:25 The Emotional Impact of Voice Loss
03:18 Recovering from Voice Loss
03:43 The Process of Voice Restoration
04:30 Developing a Stronger Voice Post-Recovery
04:55 Final Thoughts on Voice Loss

Unlocking Clear Speech: 5 Steps to Vocal Clarity 

Are you considering improving your voice or speech?  Would you like to convey your thoughts more quickly or speak in a stronger voice?  You re not alone.   Many people grapple with achieving clear and confident speech.   In this blog post, 5 actionable steps will be outlined to help you unlock the power of clear speech and vocal clarity.

Voice Therapy V.S. Voice Feminisation Surgery

In the realm of voice feminisation currently, more surgeons now offer pitch raising surgery. The most common of these is glottoplasty which involves surgery to shorten the length of the vocal cords (also known as vocal folds). The allure of surgery can be tempting yet the reality is that full voice feminisation is possible for most individuals who seek appropriate voice therapy.  In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricate world of voice modification and explore why prioritising specialist voice therapy is a strategic choice.