The Importance of Addressing a Prolonged Hoarse Voice

In this video I emphasise the importance of not ignoring a hoarse voice that persists for more than a couple of weeks.

I outline the common causes of hoarseness and highlight the necessity of seeing an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (ENT) for a proper diagnosis. I’ll also explain the diagnostic process, potential treatments as well as stresee the importance of early intervention for any prolonged hoarseness.

00:00 Understanding Prolonged Hoarseness
00:38 The Importance of Seeing a Specialist
01:03 Common Conditions Affecting the Voice
01:56 The Serious Side of Hoarseness
02:45 Diagnostic Procedures and Treatments
04:05 The Critical Role of Early Diagnosis and Treatment
04:42 Final Thoughts and Call to Action

Developing Vocal Confidence: Unlocking the Power of Your Voice

This video highlights the crucial role of vocal confidence in voice therapy, emphasising that beyond the technical aspects like resonance, pitch, and intonation, developing vocal strength and confidence is essential.

I address common misconceptions and explain that therapy is often necessary to adjust to and use the new post-surgical voice effectively in various social situations.

Pre Surgery Voice Care: Tips and Therapy for Successful Vocal Cord Surgery

This video discusses the benefits of undergoing a pre-surgery assessment with a therapist recommended by the surgeon, focusing on voice care advice for post-surgery recovery. I highlight the opportunity for patients to discuss their surgery, allowing the therapist to understand the patient’s voice better, and identify any pre-existing voice issues, such as hoarseness, which should be addressed before the surgery.

The Crucial Role of Therapy Before and After Voice Feminisation Surgery

In this video I discuss the importance of combining voice feminisation surgery with therapy to achieve optimal results. I cover why surgeons recommend therapy both before and after procedures like glottoplasty.

I also highlight the role of therapy in developing vocal confidence and adjusting to voice changes. Additionally, I cover the potential benefits of therapy alone for some individuals.

00:00 Introduction to Voice Feminisation Surgery and Therapy
00:21 The Importance of Pre-Surgery Voice Therapy
01:23 Navigating Post-Surgery Voice Therapy
03:07 Exploring Vocal Confidence and Therapy Beyond Surgery
03:48 Understanding Patient Choices: Surgery, Therapy, or Both
04:52 Conclusion and Further Resources

Find Your Gender Neutral Voice: Tips and Insights

In this short clip I explain how the extent of your voice modification is led by your own goals, rather than those of the voice therapist and how those goals may change as an individual explores their voice.

Achieving a Gender Neutral Voice: Guide and Insights

This video discusses the possibility of achieving a gender neutral or gender fluid voice through voice therapy, targeting those who identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming, or gender fluid.

I break down the voice therapy process, and explain why it is important for it to be a client led approach. I also provide a guideline as to how long your might expect your voice journey toward a gender neutral voice to take.

00:00 Introduction to Gender Neutral Voice
00:15 Understanding the Crossover Point in Voices
00:47 The Process of Achieving a Gender Neutral Voice
01:32 Client-led Voice Therapy
01:58 The Advantages of a Gender Neutral Voice
02:11 The Duration of Voice Therapy Sessions
02:48 Exploring Individual Voice Preferences
03:08 The Journey of Voice Exploration
03:41 Seeking Professional Guidance for Voice Therapy
04:07 Conclusion and Call to Action

Understanding and Treating Vocal Cord Paralysis

This video provides an in-depth look at vocal cord paralysis. Christella explains the impact that vocal fold paralysis can have on the voice as well as the treatment options that may be available.

This video also covers the causes of vocal cord paralysis, including idiopathic cases and those related to viral infections.

00:00 Introduction to Vocal Cord Paralysis
00:13 Causes of Vocal Cord Paralysis
01:08 Effects of Vocal Cord Paralysis on Voice and Speech
01:15 Therapeutic Approaches to Vocal Cord Paralysis
01:34 Surgical Solutions for Vocal Cord Paralysis
03:52 Impact of Vocal Cord Paralysis on Swallowing
05:29 Conclusion: Hope and Recovery from Vocal Cord Paralysis