Farewell Rhiannon

Nearly two and a half years ago, a new graduate SLT called Rhiannon Grebert approached me after attending my Vital Voice course. She was interested in any work opportunities i could offer her. Following a period of observation, training and supervision, Rhiannon came to work at my practice part-time. Rhiannon’s specific interest was working with transgender Voice. She has worked consistently in this field since her training, also gaining part-time employment at the Daventry Gender Identity Clinic. 

The sad news is that Rhiannon will be leaving my practice at the end of May. The good news is that Rhiannon is going onto other projects both professionally and personally!

Training others, especially to specialist level, is a time and effort commitment. However, the benefits can be far reaching and mutual. Rhiannon became an asset to my practice and the field of transgender and gender non-conforming Voice has benefitted significantly by our work. I look forward to interacting further with her in the future. 

Farewell from myself and Wayne, Rhiannon and good luck!