Understanding & Recovering from Voice Loss: Guidance, Tips, and Techniques

In this video I dive into the topic of voice loss, explaining why it happens, its impact on people, and the recovery process. I reveal the various causes of voice loss and also provide reassurance that voice loss can be overcome with the guidance of a skilled speech and language therapist.

This video also provides insight into the processes of voice loss and recovery, underlining the varying timeframes involved.

00:00 Introduction to Voice Loss
00:20 Understanding Laryngitis
01:25 Other Medical Causes of Voice Loss
01:55 The Impact of Trauma on Voice Loss
02:25 The Emotional Impact of Voice Loss
03:18 Recovering from Voice Loss
03:43 The Process of Voice Restoration
04:30 Developing a Stronger Voice Post-Recovery
04:55 Final Thoughts on Voice Loss