Voice Effects of Adam’s Apple Reduction Surgery

In this video, we discuss the tracheal shave procedure, also known as Adam’s apple reduction or thyroid chondroplasty. This procedure is commonly sought by trans females with a prominent Adam’s apple. We delve into the importance of having the surgery done carefully by specialists, the potential impact on vocal cords, and the necessary follow-up if voice changes occur. Learn how to monitor your voice post-surgery and when to seek professional help to ensure the best outcome.

00:00 Introduction to Tracheal Shave
00:20 Who Seeks Tracheal Shave and Why
00:32 Choosing the Right Surgeon
00:50 Surgical Considerations and Risks
01:28 Voice Changes Post-Surgery
01:49 When to Seek Medical Advice
02:07 Therapy and Surgical Assistance
03:00 Monitoring Your Voice Post-Surgery
03:43 Conclusion and Final Thoughts
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