Voice Masculinisation

How specialist voice therapy can help

Trans masculine individuals often receive testosterone hormone therapy as part of their transition. In a large number of individuals, testosterone adequately masculinises the voice according to the persons wishes.

However, some individuals may prefer / are required to delay the start of hormone treatment; others may feel they would like further assistance with voice masculinisation and a few may prefer not to have hormone treatment. Voice specialist SLT for trans masculine clients can be of particular help to all of these individuals.

In addition, voice change with androgenic hormones may result in varying degrees of vocal hoarseness as the voice goes through its changes. Specialist Voice therapy can assist with maintaining good voice quality in lower voice, vocal comfort and adjustment to modified/ new voice. Additional benefits can include vocal range extension and release of larynx muscle tension.

Intervention is typically 4 - 6 sessions, depending on the client’s  voice presentation and level of voice development they are seeking.