Nikki Milojevic

Associate Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Nikki Milojevic has over 10 years’ experience in diagnosing and providing treatment for individuals with a range of communication and swallowing difficulties. Nikki has experience of working in a variety of settings with both adults and children.

In addition, Nikki has also undergone a further specialist direct observation and training period with Christella Antoni regarding working with a wide variety of voice conditions. Nikki is trained to deliver Christella’s voice modification programs and receives regular supervision from Christella. Nikki brings knowledge and skills in assessing, managing and treating the following :

- Voice disorders
- Voice modification
- Pitch modification
- Voice training
- Stroke
- Progressive neurological conditions
- Chronic /persistent cough
- Acid reflux
- Head and neck cancer
- Treatment and rehabilitation during and post radio therapy treatment
- Elderly care
- Functional breathlessness
- Swallowing exercises (dysphagia)