Transgender Voice


“Having never had any form of voice training, I’d only ever used videos off YouTube, and so visiting Christella was the best thing I could have done. She made me feel very relaxed and measured the of my voice to get an idea of where I was on the register, which then allowed us to track my progress as time progressed. I found the exercises and home work she gave me worked perfectly to help me understand how a female voice should sound. I worked hard and I’m happy with what I learnt, nobody every misgenders my voice and I have complete confidence when I speak – I couldn’t have done it without Christella’s help.”C.M.
“Just sitting here on a balcony in a restaurant… Feeling very contented. ..I am just reflecting on my recent journey of which my voice is a central part. I feel I owe you a lot for your skill and experience and just want to thank you for helping me find my true voice. To be treated and to be read as a woman is indescribable. Your work is amazing. “E.K. 19.09.16
“Thank you for all the help, support and time you have given me, plus your patience of course! I find it hard to convey how much confidence our sessions have given me and countinue to do so. Apart from the learning, I did so enjoy talking to you.”Ms D.W